About Kristina Chai

Published Model.
Miss HIN Seattle 2015.

Growing up, Kristina always knew that she didn’t want to spend her early years working a normal job in hopes of someday reaching retirement. She didn’t want the moment to live and enjoy life while she was still young to pass her by so she searched to find a way to make her dream a reality and found modeling to be a perfect outlet.

Ever since she was little, Kristina could always be found posing in front of the camera and never seemed to be able to get enough of being in front of it. When she was young, she also competed in a number of beauty competitions. But she found that her passion in her earlier years were really spent in ballet class and as a karate student, which helped to teach her how to maintain the delicate balance between being soft yet strong at an early age which she still strives to maintain till this day. Her desire to always excel in what she puts her mind to and her uncanny focus and determination have hurtled her modeling career into action ever since she decided on focusing on it in the beginning of 2015.

As her experience and talent has quickly grown- so has her fan base. This Seattle native’s unique look (thanks to her Chinese and European heritage) gives her a versatile look that appeals to many different crowds, but it is her ability to shine her personality through her social media outlets like Instagram and Snapchat that has really helped to build and maintain the fundamental following that she holds so closely to heart.

Kristina is a published model who has worked with a number of photographers and brands and is currently working on getting her first international publications out there. Her current projects include developing new merchandise, videos, and contests to be able to give back to her beloved fans. And she is constantly trying to find ways to travel in order to set up meet and greets all around the nation and world in order to give her fans an accessible outlet to come and hang out with her in person.

Her goal is to continually improve and grow as a person and a model, always staying true to herself and her fans. And never allowing herself to be limited in any aspect of her life or career because she knows that no matter who you are, you are always entitled to and capable of making whatever dreams you have come true.