About Kristina Chai

Published Model.

Growing up, Kristina always knew that she didn’t want to spend her early years slaving away in hopes of someday reaching retirement. She didn’t want the moment to live and enjoy life while she was still young to pass her by. So she searched to find a way to make her dream a reality and found modeling and aerial arts to be a perfect outlet.

Ever since she was little, Kristina could always be found posing in front of the camera. She even participated in a number of beauty pageants. She also participated in ballet and karate. Which helped to teach her how to maintain the delicate balance between being soft yet strong at an early age. Later in her life, she found competitive cheerleading which highly influenced her dance and performance background. Currently she pursues her love of performing through modeling and aerial arts. And is available to perform or teach aerial silks or hula hooping.

This Seattle native’s unique look, thanks to her Chinese and European heritage, gives her a versatile look. But standing at 5’4″ and covered in tattoos, Kristina is an alternative model who constantly challenges mainstream ideals of beauty.

Her goal is to continually improve and grow as a person and a performer. Always staying true to herself and her fans. Never allowing herself to be limited in any aspect of her life or career. Because she knows that no matter who you are, you are always entitled to and capable of making whatever dreams you have come true.

Dream on dreamers.