Contests, Giveaways, and Fundraisers!

In honor of the endless supply of love and support given by you guys, here are some ways I try to pay it back!


Current Projects!

Currently Kristina is working on raising money to help the thousands of animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, a tempest that plowed through Texas on August 25th. The charity of choice is, Austin Pets Alive, a no kill organization that was amongst the first on the frontline to assist after the catastrophe happened. They’ve since been endlessly and tirelessly working to take in as many animals as possible and have rescued well over 1,000 so far. So in spite of all the hard work they have and continue to do, Kristina will be donating 100% of the proceeds of this autographed poster to help their cause. If you would like to learn more about how Austin Pet’s Alive is making efforts to help with Hurricane Harvey Evacuations, click here!

Kristina would like to thank everyone that has already donated so far and wants to encourage those that haven’t to do so because the helpless animals in Texas need people like you to help fight for them in this desperate time. If you cannot afford to order a poster, any donation helps APA! So please if you can spare anything at all, please do so.


Past Giveaways!


250k Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 250,000 loving and supporting followers on my instagram page, I am doing a giveaway! Thanks to all your good vibes, I have gotten to the place I am today and I want to thank you. For this contest I will be mailing out 3 autographed prints of some of my most popular photos on instagram to one of my lucky fans. To submit for this contest you must have an instagram and be following @itskristinachai in order to submit.

– Tag 3 friends in the comments of this post
– Post your favorite photo of me on your instagram and use the hashtag: #KRISTINACHAI250KGIVEAWAY!
– Make sure your profile isn’t private- or else I won’t see your submission

Winner will be announced Monday, June 20th

WINNERS: @young.joocha AND @thedankest_


Monq Portable Aromatherapy Giveaway!

I am so happy to announce that I have partnered up with Monq AROMATHERAPY to bring you guys a new giveaway!

Monq is a company who specializes in the production of portable, all-natural, blended and heated aromatherapy sticks. I recently tried one out and loved it so much that I wanted one of my lucky fans to try it out too! These aromatherapy sticks contain absolutely no nicotine, tobacco, or artificial ingredients. They are 100% made of different herbs, fruits, flowers, and veggies which are scientifically formulated to address certain needs in our daily lives. They are super easy to use and best of all, they really work! So if you want a chance to be able to try their “vibrant” blend for free don’t miss out on the rules for this contest. It’s easy!

✓ Must be following @itskristinachai
✓ Must be following @mymonq
✓ Tag 3 people in the comments of this pic who you think would enjoy this product as well!

A winner will be announced Friday, December 18th.

Winner Announced: @taytayy1992


80K Giveaway

As a huge thank you for all the ❤️ and support I’m giving away 3 autographed unreleased pictures to celebrate reaching my upcoming 80,000 followers to one lucky winner!


✔️ Repost this image using the hashtag #Kristina80kGiveaway
✔️ Tag a friend who you think would enjoy my page in the comments

💕 Bonus Points
Tag a magazine or photographer that you would want me to collab with! 📷

A winner will be announced shortly upon reaching our 80k goal. So start reposting & tagging! Good luck and thank you all so much again! #kristina80kgiveaway

Winner Announced: @mrehyoung